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About a year ago, a group of seasoned professionals and technology experts decided to come together and form a multifaceted organization that will offer products & services to the consumers and businesses globally. Founder Darren Garner & his business partners, put their combined talents to build the new company Merxury Technologies Inc (Team Merxury)(Merxury Ride Share). Together they have a strong, yet diverse experience in Technology specifically in Mobile Application, Commercial Banking, Mobile Banking, Gaming, Pharmaceutical Technology, Data Science, Retail, E-Commerce, Mid-Range Platforms, Main Frame Platforms, ERP, Film & Television, Digital Marketing, Telecommunications, Networking, Resource Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Planning and Portfolio Project Management.

With Darren and his close associates combined efforts, have put together some the best and brightest at talent at all levels of the Merxury Organization. All team members have direct, relatable, and relevant industry experiences. The technology industry has changed everything in our daily lives. That being said, is Team Merxury's biggest motivator for making sense of technology that has changed how consumers maintain their everyday lives. Identifying Tech Industry gaps as opportunities, Build from those opportunities, Test the newly built opportunity, Rebuild from any identified flaws or bugs, Validate again, & Re-introduce these technologies and/or mobile applications in more sensible, yet profitable process.